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Braces are often thought of for their ability to improve your smile’s appearance. However, deviations in the alignment of your teeth can leave you at increased risk of suffering dental fractures and problems with enamel attrition on multiple teeth.
If your teeth require significant correction Dr. Lynh Pham and the orthodontic specialists at Smiley Dental Mesquite might recommend installing traditional braces in your mouth.
The process starts with cementing special orthodontic brackets onto the faces of your teeth. The strong bond of the dental adhesive will help them work in concert with wires, brackets, and bands to withstand the tension applied during your routine adjustment sessions.
It’s best to avoid chewing gum, taffy, and other sticky foods as well as hard foods. These things can potentially loosen a bracket, thus complicating the realignment process.
It’s also important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the realignment process. Cavities and periodontal health problems can extend the amount of time needed to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.
If you had braces installed on your teeth in Mesquite, Texas, and you have a question about how to maintain them or your overall oral hygiene, you can always call 972.388.1138 to speak to a staff member at Smiley Dental Mesquite.