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As you align your smile, there are times when your appliance might give you trouble or even break. When these times occur, it’s important to do the right things to help the situation, and our Smiley Dental Mesquite team is happy to help you with that! Today, we would like to give you the instructions on what to do when you’ve broken a bracket, which are:

Check the damage
Check to see if the bracket is still attached to the wire. If it’s not, take it out of your mouth and keep it safe. We need you to bring it into the office with you during your next appointment. If it is still attached, keep it in place and stabilize it by surrounding it with orthodontic wax. If the bracket moved when it broke, put it back into position using a cotton swab.

Take control
Oftentimes, the wire will protrude out of place when you break a bracket. If you have a protruding wire, feel free to cut it as close to the bracket as possible. You can cut it with a pair of fingernail clippers. Then, cover the area with orthodontic wax to keep the tip of the wire from harming the inside of your mouth.

Make an appointment
It’s important to make an appointment as soon as you break your bracket. That way, your treatment time won’t be delayed and you won’t suffer from discomfort. When you call into our office, make sure you tell us what is going on so we can be prepared to help you when you come visit.

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